Renewable Heat Incentive Grant

With all of the fuss about the 2012 Feed in tariff expiring in December, there has been quite an amount of concern about what will be replacing it - well the government anounced that as part of there commitment to renewable energy, they are creating the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme. This Scheme will operate in the same way as the current feed in tariff and allow you to earn money off utilizing one of the many forms of Microgeneration such as the very popular solutions of Solar Power or Aero Power.

THe Renewable Heat Incentive scheme can be seen as a Renewable Heat Incentive Grant due to many companies currently operating to provide the equipment and claim the money on your behalf to not only pay for the equipment, but turn themselves a tidy profit.

Whilst you may be wondering how such technology can be classed for renewable heat incentive grants, you can also consider that solar power was initially used for heating hot water, prior to its predominate use as a method of generating electricity. Using solar power to prevent the use of fossil fuel methods of heating such as gas and oil will quickly enable many households to not only cut down on there bills, but also get piping hot water for a fraction of their previous carbon footprint. 

We are sure this renewable heat incentive grant will enable many people to save a small fortune, and as always we reccomend you speak to a pofessional heating installation company to enable you to work out if this is for you.

However when you consider there are currently other heating grants available, such as the warmsure grant you need to realise you have options, and whilst at the time of writing we do not have information to hand to state when the renewable heat incentive scheme will take over from the warmsure grant - knowing the current government we are sure there are going to be cuts to make the funding available for this project.